Tango Wellness Motivator

About Us

Health Care Success (HCS) develops wireless, wearable and easy to use health technology. HCS’s products increase their users’ health awareness and motivate them into fun, preventive care take of their overall health. The solutions provide real time clinical information for health care professionals, doctors, clinicians and other healthcare stakeholders.
Our consumer products go by the brand name TANGO and Mobile Application ACT2FIT.



Founded in 2009,  in Finland by Professor Seppo Saynajakangas who developed the first wireless heart rate monitor in the world.
Sold in US, Canada and EU, China, GCC and India 


Medical solutions

Our medical solutions provide real time clinical information for healthcare professionals, doctors, clinicians and other healthcare stakeholders. This decreases mortality, patient care times, healthcare costs and resources needed. For stakeholders such as insurance companies and corporate healthcare this means better risk assessment and increased ROI on healthcare investments and policies.


HCS in India

HCS has collaborated with its partner Immpetus Enterprises LLP to bring Tango fitness range of products to India. The two partners plan to bring the best in health and fitness to Indian customers and bring about a positive change to the lives of millions of Indians.





Mr. Vesa Säynäjäkangas,  Chairman of the Board

M.Sc. Tech, has extensive experience as Polar board member



Jari Råglund,  CEO (M.Sc.Econ., BBA) 

15 years of  international experience working with world class companies and is one of the two founders of HCS .


Timo H. Lasola, Managing Partner,
Phd Candidate of Organizations and Knowledge Management at Helsinki University of Technology 

30 years  of comprehensive experience in global business at  head offices in U.S., U.K., Finland, Germany China, India and U.A.E, 


Rishi Kamal Srivastava Consultant, Global Business Development (B.Tech, MBA)

14 years of  international experience of Global Business Development in Brazil, Sweden, Finland, UAE, West Africa, India.


Teppo Rantaniva, Wellness Technology Specialist

Bachelor of Engineering in Wellness Technology at Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences.



Marketing and Distribution Partner:  IMMPETUS ENTERPRISES, New Delhi