Tango Wellness Motivator

Our Partnership

Lets Tango together to reduce carbon footprints


Tango has partnered with Grow Trees NGO to provide a better environment to the world, starting our better world journey from India. As we understand Trees are Vital for our Planet, among other things they clean our air, Filter out water and provide habitat for half of worlds wild life.
Tango has taken the initiative with Immpetus Team, our India partner to plant a tree with every purchase of Tango Product.
It's just one of our small but mighty ways of restoring Mother Nature, we are planting a tree for every purchase of Tango fitness product. We strongly believe that Total Wellness cannot be achieved without  integrating and complimenting our planet.

Healthy fitness can only be achieved on a green & fit planet. There is no limit to the number of trees we will grow; lets Tango together for a greener tomorrow.